A Few Notes from Our Clients

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Rating: ★★★★★

Brenda takes such good care of their dogs, and it shows! Atlas, our puppy, is the sweetest and most well behaved puppy we’ve had! It’s the third day with our pup, and he is already responding to the basic commands “sit” and “come”. Potty training has been a breeze so far as well. Thank you Brenda!
Alexandra Breniman
July 12, 2018

Rating: ★★★★★

We’re getting another pup from Brenda… they take wonderful care of their dogs.
Michelle Gapas Chesson
June 5, 2018

Rating: ★★★★★

We are so in love with our Loki. I loved the way Brenda and her husband just treat the puppies like their own. Thank you Brenda…
Belinda Jean Beller
January 1, 2018

Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent experience! We love our Weim from Baar None. He is so intelligent and sweet as can be. Brenda was awesome and you can tell how much she loves her dogs!
Sarah Matlock
November 19, 2017

Rating: ★★★★★

Excellent breeders! Our little man Jasper has a wonderful disposition and is beautiful. I would recommend them to anyone.
Candace Bryans
May 14, 2017



Brenda is amazing! All of her Doggos are well loved. So fat and shiney.

I recently adopted a Weim from Baar None. I asked 2 things, the biggest male with the best personality for service work. Hands down, Baar None has delivered.

I had to say goodbye to my service dog last year, he was a Weim. Havok is amazing. I took Havok to my vet today and at 8 weeks he is showing signs of being a great service dog.

I highly recommend Baar None. Not only do they love their dogs but they listen to the needs of the owners.

Brooke Ayets
Albuquerque, NM
December 4, 2018

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Less than a day and I already have updates.

We named her Yeti. She is so incredibly smart and well mannered. She’s not had any accidents and goes potty right when we go out, she slept in her kennel with absolutely no issues and was eating by this morning.

I’m blown away. You can truly tell you put so much time into your dogs and their pups, it definitely shows! Thank you for that, we will be back in a year or two for a sister for her!

Marlee Chapman
Greeley, Colorado
November 30, 2018

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Cash and Frisco

Cash and Frisco

Hi Brenda!

Growing like weeds and learning new things every day

Brant Grubb
Cash and Frisco curled up together

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Hi Brenda!

I’ve been meaning to give you an update on our little guy Rino (your litter born in July 2016). As of today, he is 65 lbs of pure love. He has been great with other dogs and furry animals, has been a very quick learner, getting him potty trained was a breeze, and I don’t think I’ve met another dog who cuddles as hard as he does. We couldn’t imagine our life without him. I just wanted to thank you and send you some updated pictures!

Eric San

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Hunter Krol

Hunter Krol with toy

Hi Brenda,

I just wanted to write and tell you how amazing our puppy Hunter is doing! He is the perfect addition to our little family. He’s so smart already. He had his second round of shots last Friday and he weighed in at 17.8 pounds. He’s growing so fast. I have him starting in a puppy socialization group twice a week 😊.

I just had to thank you again for the opportunity to purchase one of your puppies.

Thank you,

Tina Krol

Hunter Krol with toy

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Hey Brenda,
Just wanted to give you an update on Gunner. He is such a blessing to our family and has quickly become our third child! He also taught himself to find deer sheds so he can chew on them! Here is a picture of him playing with my aunt’s golden retrievers.
Thanks again
Steven Fontana


Hey Brenda just wanted to update you on gunner! He is insanely smart and basically potty trained himself he now sleeps next to our bed outside his crate. He is so great with our kids and nieces and nephews. I attached a few pictures for you. He is also incredibly protective. He laid next to my nephew for hours and wouldn’t leave.

The Fontana Family

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Hi Brenda
I am sending this picture from my phone I hope you get it…. she is such a joy but keeps us on our toes that’s for sure!

Linda Thomas
(Meha is a daughter of Bosco)

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Baar None Weims gets a 5 star rating from me! Brenda was so kind and honest in her sale! She went out of her way to meet me as I wasn’t able to drive all the way to her house. I instantly fell in love with my little silver girl I named, Sealey.

Sealey is almost 1 year old and she is by far the best Weimaraner I have ever owned! She is extremely intelligent, loving and versatile! She loves water and is a hunting machine! She is working on her Junior Hunter and becoming a Certified Therapy Dog! I highly recommend Brenda and will definitely be coming to get another puppy in the future! Thanks again!
Frank Kanzaidy

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Brenda, thought I would update you on Brie. We registered her as (Tyler’s Princess Brieanna Bar). She is doing great. She is very smart and learns fast and don’t forget anything. Minds very well for a young pup. She is growing like a weed. Very outgoing. All you have to say is you want to go and she is heading for the pickup. She also loves to ride in the boat. Here is a couple pictures of Brie at 14 weeks. She is a little spoiled.
Thank you
Don Halley


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Our Maverick – One year old today 10-04-15. He is doing great! VERY Athletic but still a puppy at heart.

Diane Hill

(Maverick is a son of Jersey and Hunter)

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Brenda, Can’t say thanks enough, Abagail has adjusted so well, she has a mind of her own, but is doing well as far as potty training and learning a few simple commands, thanks again, Austin……P.S Everyone loves her

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Hi Brenda
We have absolutely LOVED having Maggie in our family! She has been really easy to potty train- she’s actually helping out the yellow lab!
EVERYONE loves her! She’s so beautiful. Here are 3, the one with my son is from the first day, the others are a week apart.
Thank you! You’re an awesome breeder!

Pam Lowrie


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Hi Brenda,
Remember Riggs? Here he is all grown up! He is 95 lbs. of pure muscle and just an all around great dog. We get compliments everywhere we go. Everyone says he is stunning. We think so!! Thanks, Chris and Bill

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The puppy is great! We are still working on a name, but he took the hour and a half ride back to the hotel like a champ! He just curled up on the seat and went right to sleep. Everyone at the feedlot thinks he is just the cutest. I think this weekend I should be headed back to Dalhart, so the puppy can see his new home. I have been so impressed because he has slept through the night and hasn’t messed in the house once! I’ve never seen a pup potty train so quickly! Thanks again. I’ll keep you updated.


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Hi Brenda,
I don’t know if you remember us but this is Cris and Traci. We bought a female from you guys in May 07. She is doing wonderful. She is all done growing now I believe, she weighs about 63 lbs. I thought I would send you some pictures. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. She loves to go hiking and she is getting the hunting birds down pretty quickly. We are also thinking about getting another one after winter is over.

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Rob and Brenda,
Here is a picture of Milo. He loves to get out and explore and go for long walks. He is also a spoiled dog that spends a lot of time laying at our feet as we cook dinner. He is growing up so well. I think he will make a very good hunting dog as well. He pointed out his first pheasant at four months and stayed steady wing to shot. He is a little over six months old and weighs 60 pounds.
Thanks again,
Matthew and Melissa

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Caedmon is all grown up! Ryan and Melissa Kelly Fort Collins, Colorado


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Hi, Brenda
I bought the love of life from you, Jezabel, about 1 1/2 years ago. Well a lot has happened since then. About 10 months ago I adopted a Blue weim named Gandolf. I decided to breed them one time, and let me tell you, it was the funniest time I have ever had. She had 9 babies, 6 blue and 3 silver. They became like my children. I was taking care of them all the time. I did the wrong thing and got attached to one of the babies. Now I have a farm of weims, Jezabel, Gandolf and Diamond. Thanks for giving me the greatest gift of all.
ps. I always refer people to you, because I got such a wonderful dog from you.
Love Crystal
La Junta, Colorado


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Owned by Bonnie from Georgia

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Owned by the Jungerman’s from Colorado

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Hi Brenda,
I am so happy to hear from you. Everyone keeps asking when we are going to get another one. I always tell them, we are waiting for Quinn’s brother, because he was such a good looking Weim. I can’t lie, I have been looking on the web, just to see puppies, but none compare to your pups! We would not go anywhere else! I have been checking our E mail frequently hoping to hear the good news! I am so glad you called, now we have something to look forward to.
Talk to you soon,
thanks for the great news,

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Rob and Brenda,
Hi, if you remember me, I bought your last female from your litter that was born Feb. 6, 2006. I just thought you might want to see some of the pictures as she has grown up. We decided to name her Luna. She is in perfect health and has been nothing but a joy.

I can’t even go out with her without someone stopping and telling me how beautiful she is and well behaved. She really is the perfect companion.

Anytime anyone asks I gladly tell them about you and your lovely love your dogs. Thank you for the wonderful pet and I hope everything is going well for you.

Thanks again,

David McClurg

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Hi Brenda,
This is Jeff Gries, you sold me a puppy back in January and I know you are just dying to see what he looks like now. He has just been tons of fun and he weighs 44 lbs, no problems at all and he has soooo much energy! I take him to the park every day, he hasn’t mastered fetching yet but its a work in progress! I want to thank you again for everything you did and show you some pictures.


Hey Brenda!
This is Jeff Gries, my wife and I bought a little male weim from you guys back in 2009 and just can’t tell you how awesome this dog is! He’s “Mowgli” gotten really big 80lbs (see the attached pics) but just can’t thank you enough for this dog. He’s the sweetest dog and just couldn’t imagine our lives without him!
Jeff Gries

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